Company Profile

2. Address 25-35, 1-chome, Edobori, Nishi-ku, Osaka, 550-0002, Japan 

TEL : +81 (0) 6 6441 8641
FAX : +81 (0) 6 6448 7786
E-mail : nbk@nichibai.com

3. Foundation 1906
   Incorporation 1950
4. History
1906   Japanese Famous OTC medicines manufacturers established NIHON BAIYAKU CO., LTD., Tokyo, as an exporting company with a capital of J. Yen 200,000 specializing in the field of home medicines and cosmetics, which were exported mainly to South East Asia and North East China.
Set Up an overseas branch in Singapore and Dairen, P.R. China, and a Domestic sales office in Osaka.
1919 Increased the capital to J. Yen 1,000,000.
1939 Singapore branch started its operation as an incorporated company, NIHON BAIYAKU CO., engaging in the importing and sales operation of the medicines and general sundries to the south part of Asia.
1945 Ceases its business after the World War ?U.
1950 Resumed the export/import operation by establishing a company named NIHON BAIYAKU CO., LTD. with a capital of J. Yen 5,000,000 aimed at meeting the needs of the previous overseas clients and the OTC medicines manufacturers.
1960 The company name was changed to NICHIBAI TRADING CO., LTD. with a capital of J. Yen 5,000,000 due to the expansion of business lines.
1962 Opened a representative office in Bangkok, Thailand.
1964 Increased the capital to J. Yen 10,000,000.
1966 Started the operation of collecting industrial information and of the technical tie-up brokerage.
1969 Launched into the field of Active phamaceutical ingredients for ethical use.
Stared to import every antibiotics from CIPAN, Portugal.
Thereafter, obtain agencies in various fields from foreign.
1972 Started to import paper pulp from PORTCEL, a state-operated company, Portugal.
1973 Launched into food industry.
Started to import industrial sterilizing machine from HERMAN-STOCK MACHINENFABRIK GmbH, Germany.
Launched into sports gears business, importing shoes from STYLO Ltd., England.
1974 Started to import xenodiagnositic medicines and serum for cell-culture from U.S.A.
1980 Started to distribute complex extracted from natural material for cosmetics.
1981 Started to import corticosteroids from Italy and Switzerland.
1982 Started to import and distribute golf shoes without spikes, so to speak "Spikeless Shoes" from STYLO, England, for the first time ever done. As this type of golf shoes never existed in Japan, the test to compare the damages to the lawn by the sole with and without spikes was carried out by the Kansai Green Laboratory Foundation. Reresults were released to the press, by which "Spikeless Shoes" gained popularity and largely accepted.
1984 Associating with IIT, U.S.A., launched into brokerage business for small and medium-sized business with a plan to extend a business to and from
1986 Started to import paper pulp from JARI, Brazil.
Started to mediate to undertake a joint development between the medical department of the universities in U.S. and Europe and pharmaceutical companies in Japan.
1989 Started to import a health food supplement from BIO-STRATH.
Started to import a fashion belt from PAOLO DA PONDE, Italy, and distribute to major domestic department stores.
1990 Constructed a food manufacturing factory in Thailand.
1991 Started to put the factory into full operation.
1993 Became a sole agent of Gentili, Italy, which is worldwide well-known developer in the field of osteoporosis, and started new drug's license-in and out business.
Started to import Danish FLEXICON's peristaltic quantitative filling machines as the exclusive agent and to distribute them to pharmaceutical, diagnostic and cosmetic manufacturers. The machines are compact and suitable for small to massive lot of production.
1995 Started to import and distribute the Spanish SURDRY's autoclave of lot water spray and steam type, and of the sterilization of the food packed in the lower acid sealed containers as well as 21 CFR PART 113 of GMP standards of Japan were granted.
Started to import and distribute DFC equipment (Froth controller) to regulate the spout of froth of the keg of draft beer from Canada.
1996 Started to have DASKIN, the largest cleaning service company to instal DFC at bars at a rental.
Started to import and distribute BLM2000, an equipment to regulate and sterilize the dirt and grime to be originated in the pipe line to transport draft beer to the bar counter.
Started to export to Hongkong the toiletry for babies, "Alet Atopita" of TAMPEI Pharm. Co., Ltd.
1997 Started to import and distribute Finish SAVOX's scull type microphone and speaker suitable for domestic PHS microwave.
Started to import and distribute helmet for emergency fire fighting, a product made by PACIFIC HELMET of New Zealand.
KIRIN BEER, the largest brewery in Japan, started officially to test BLM2000 at their franchise bars and restaurants.
1998 KIRIN BEER officially decided to install BLM200 as a standard optional equipment for cold storage type beer servers located at their large scale bars and restaurants.
1999 The sole agency right of finish SAVOX was granted. Started to distribute microphone of scull type as standard equipment for helmets of fire fighting on the fire engines.
2000 The brand name of Weisen-U in Chinese characters were changed by law in China to phonetically similar combination of other Chinese characters. This has been one of the best sellers of its kind in South East Asian countries.
Modification is made to SAVOX's scull type microphone to fit the police motorcycle. Sales are made to police station.
2001 Sales of scull type microphone is directed to other fields than disaster prevention, such as communication, etc.

In addition to the activity in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and machineries, it is now expanded possibility to other fields of contingency, ecological and communication.

5. Capital J. Yen 10 million
6. Share Holders Board of Directors,
Shigaken Pharm, Co., Ltd. Rohto Pharm. Co., Ltd.,
Kokuryudo Co., Ltd., Tampei Pharm. Co., Ltd.,
Kaminomoto Co, Ltd., Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd.,
Ichijiku Pharm. Co, Ltd., Ryukakusan Co., Ltd.,
Kyushin Pharm. Co., Ltd., Ohta's Isan Co., Ltd.,
Ohishi Kouseido Co., Ltd., Santen Pham. Co., Ltd.,
Fujisawa Pharm. Co., Ltd., Yamazaki Teikokudo Co., Ltd., etc.
7. Board of Director
Yasuhito Kiku
8. Corporate Adviser
Ichiro Ono
Masaaki Hirooka
9. Main Bank The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd., Osaka Chuo Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Dojima Branch
10. Lines of Business Pharmaceuticals and their raw materials, Medical Equipments, cosmetics and their raw materials, General Sundries, Pulp, Foodstuffs and their raw materials, Apparel, Petroleum-based Products, Metal Product, Industrial Sterilizing Machinery, Machinery for foods, etc.
11. Major Exporting/
   Importing Countries
Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, P.R. of China, Singapore, Thailand, The Middle and Near East Asian countries, U.S.A., Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Switzerland, Germany, etc.
12. Domestic Account Pharmaceuticals
Ars Pharm. Co., Ltd., Aso Pharm. Co., Ltd., S S Pharm. Co., Ltd., Ohishi Kouseido CO., Ltd., Ohta's Isan Co., Ltd., Ohta Pharm. Co., Ltd., Ohtsuka Pharm. Co., Ltd., Ono Pharm. Co., Ltd., Santen Pharm. Co., Ltd., Kyushin Pharm. Co., Ltd., Shigaken Pharm. Ind. Co., Ltd., Senju Pharm. Co., Ltd., Taiho Pharm. Co., Ltd., Teika Pharm. Co., Ltd., Nisshin Pharm. Co., Ltd., Nichiban Co., Ltd., Nihon Zouki Co., Ltd., Fujisawa Pharm. Co., Ltd., Rohto Pharm Co., Ltd., Wakamoto Pharm Co., Ltd., Tampei Pharm Co., Ltd., etc.

Amourousu Co., Ltd., Club Cosmetic Co., Ltd., Kokuryuudo Co., Ltd., Sunstar Inc., Snowden Co., Ltd., Nihon Josephin Co., Ltd., Pias Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Mirubon Co., Ltd., etc.

Foodstuffs & Machinery
Ichiban Foods  Co., Ltd., MCC Food  Co., Ltd., Kagome Co., Ltd., Seinan Development Co., Ltd., Taiyo Fishery Co., Ltd., Daiei Foods Co., Ltd., Nichimen Corp., Nihon Suisan Kaisya Ltd., Horinouchi Can Foods Co., Ltd., Snow Foods Brand Co., Ltd., Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd., Sapporo Breweries Ltd., etc.

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., Japan Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd., Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., Nihon Felt Industrial Co., Ltd., Tsuruya Co., Ltd., Hasetora Bouseki Co., Ltd., Torii Systems Co., Ltd., 

13. Oveseas Account Acil, S.A., Sicor Europe SA., Laboratories Azevedos Industoria Farmaceutica S.A., Antibioticos S.A., By-Prod Corporation, Brown University, Chiesi Framaceutici S.A., Cipan S.A.R.L., California University, Eld Pharma S.R.L., Expharm S.R.L., Eak Chang Dispensary LP., Farmasimes S.A., Laboratoires Fisons S.A., Genifar, Istituto Gentili S.P.A., P.N. Gerolymatos S.A., Han ALL Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Iscofar S.A.S., Isochem, Interpharm Inc., Jari, Kin Fung (Weisen-U) Co., Ltd., KV Pharmaceutical Co., Luen Wah Medical Co. (ptd) Ltd., Lim Hua Mong R.O.P., Leader Pharm. & Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Man Hing Medicine Trader, Prodesfarma, Paplp da Ponte, Porcel, SICOR  S.P.A., Seow Kheng Hong & Sons Pte. Ltd., Sang Udom Pharmacy Ltd., Part., You Shiang Indistrial Co., Ltd., Yat Ming Medicine (1938) Ptd. Ltd., BLM International Ltd., Flexicon AS., Surdry SL., etc.